Application form

Important information:

Applications may be made online or by post. Applicants should look at the What We Fund and the What We Don’t Fund pages before applying. Any application which does not meet our funding criteria will not be considered by the trustees. Our meetings are normally held in the first week of March, July and November. Applications must be submitted a minimum of FOUR weeks before each meeting to be considered.

No more than one application may be made within a 12-month period.

Unfortunately, we cannot fund all the qualifying applications that are made to the Trust. Neither the trustees nor the Secretary can enter into discussion about the decisions made in the meeting, nor is there any appeal process. The trustees may wish to contact a named representative of the project to discuss the application before a grant is made.

Before you begin filling in the application form, you will need the following:

  • Information about your organisation: contact details, charity information
  • Information about your project: project details, funding information, contact information
  • Information about previous successful grant applications to The Freshgate Trust Foundation
  • Copies of your accounts and budget

The application form:

Your progress will be saved via your browser cookies so that you can return to the form later. It is important that you use the same device and browser as when you started your application. If you clear your cookies or browsing history, your progress will be lost.

If you wish to send us your application via post, please download a copy of the form below. You will need to include copies of your accounts and budget.